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Placing in the top three in an individual heat guarantees that the runner will move on to the semifinals, but three runners with the next best times who did not automatically qualify can move on as well.

In the end, Brenes had the fourth best time of those who did not automatically qualify, and finishing .04 seconds slower than the last qualifier.

In her first Olympic appearance, Ms. Scott competed in the 400-meter hurdles competition, for which the elimination rules are largely the same as Brenes’ competition, except that the top four finishers move on along with the four next best times.

Ms. Scott came in sixth in her hear and missed qualifying for the semifinals through time by three places and little more than half of a second.

Although Ms. Traña took 91st place, 23 people behind where she finished in the Beijing Olympic Marathon, approximately 40 more women competed this year, and she actually ran her it 10 minutes faster than she did four years ago.

Four of Costa Rica’s 11 Olympians still have yet to compete before the games conclude next Sunday. Leonardo Chacón, 28, will compete in the triathlon on Tuesday at 4:30 . Costa Rican time. Heiner Oviedo, 23, will compete in Taekwondo Wednesday at 2 . César Lizano, 30, will run the men’s marathon at 4 .  Sunday, and Paolo Montoya will ride in the mountain biking competition at 6:30 . Sunday.

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Free costa rican dating sites

Free costa rican dating sites